Rugged panel PC’s are an important component of industrial computerization.  These panels PC’s and monitors are highly demanded in defense line and it should work efficiently in extreme environment conditions. These systems play a vital role in data acquisition and processing network.  The panels and other line of stuff should be reliable as well as compatible in all sorts of solutions. Thus, one should be confident about their manufacturers and suppliers. If you are looking for your visual solutions, industrial PC’s, consoles, flat panel displays which could operate in any environment and can fulfill all the requirements of industrial and military markets, then you are at the right place.

The company is in this business for about almost three decades and is on peak in terms of pre – sales, installation and after sales services of any of the products. The firm is available round the clock for all the three sixty five days of year. The company is one of the leading suppliers in the industry and is Indian local partner of reputed US Company – “NOVA Elec”, “MILCOTS”, “901D”. The firm takes cares of all headaches, from the complete supply, installation, commission to after sales support of this high value, high-resolution rugged display solutions, Consoles and UPS system for the defense industry, security, and space and industrial applications.

The company has been serving the military display business since 1987 and provides the best and the wide range of product for the same. Some of the products categories provided by the company are Rugged Panel PC’S, rugged consoles, rugged UPS, rugged servers, rugged SSD’s, full military displays etc. These display system designed by the company are capable of working in high temperature, extreme shock and volatile atmosphere. The system provided by the company is measurable and cost- efficient. The ruggedness built in the display system minimizes the machine failures, provides long -term sustainability with low maintenance and reliability.

The aim of the firm is to offer best products and post-sales services to their consumers. They have a team of highly experienced and dedicated staffs who give their best in offering in the field of after sales support and technical marketing. The company always tries to make new innovation by using new technology and provide a wide range of products to their consumers. With all such incredible benefits, the company is providing panel PC’s which are simplifying the processing networks of military units. So, if you are in urgent search of Mil Spec Monitors or other similar products, then you can trust this firm for the same.