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DIP, a leading supplier of Rugged Full Mil Displays, Display Systems, Panel PCs, Rugged UPS ,  Rugged Consoles and Rugged SSD’s  was founded in 1987  by highly experienced and technical engineers. To date, the company has an experience of more than 28 years in Military Displays business.

DIP is the local partner in India of Reputed manufacturers from USA—“MILCOTS” ,   ” 901D “ , ” NOVA Elec ” – leading suppliers of Display Solutions & Rugged  UPS systems to Defense & Aerospace Industry , all over the world .

DIP undertakes the complete supply, Installation, Commissioning & after-sales support of these high value, high resolution Rugged Display Solutions , Consoles  and  UPS Systems  for Defense Industry, Security, Space & Industrial applications for 24×7 operations, especially in areas like  most extreme environments found in high performance jet aircraft, off-road and tracked vehicles, and marine and submarine vessels. These Ruggedized display Systems are capable of operating in environments with extended temperature options, extreme shock and vibration, explosive atmosphere, NVIS, high altitude avionics, or marine and submarine environments where it is particularly important to have a reliable display solution since  important data information has to be visualised 24 hours per day on seven days a week. Calculable and low lifecycle costs are also an important feature of our systems.

On today’s Digital Battlefield, Rugged hardware must be designed to operate in any environment. DIP  offers  highly Reliable Military COTS Displays that meet and exceed key military specifications including MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-1275

Rely on our well-engineered Display Solutions… Made in USA

Our Vision

It has always been our endeavour to offer the Best  & Most reliable Product Solutions and after-sales support to our valuable customers . Hence we pride ourselves in our team of highly experienced staff in the fields of after-sales support and Technical Marketing.

On today’s Digital Battlefield, Rugged hardware must be designed to operate in any environment. DIP  offers  highly Reliable Military COTS Displays, Panels , UPS Systems and SSD’s ,  that meet and exceed key military specifications including MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-1275 Rely on our well-engineered Display Solutions… Made in USA.

OUR  PARTNERS was created to address the requirements of the military market for Rugged displays, Flat  Panel PC  displays, Rugged Mobile Computing  Solutions  and display related hardware.

Milcots LLC

Milcots LLC was created to address the requirements of the military market for Rugged displays, Flat Panel PC displays, Rugged Mobile Computing  Solutions and display related hardware.

Milcots’ products are deployed in the most demanding military situations, from Navy to Army and Airborne applications. It brings to the  World market  cost effectiveness  Military Displays  through a fully developed, tested, qualified, wide range product line.  Milcots  also brings innovation and reliability to the end users through Engineering experience in the integration of COTS items for harsh Military  Environments.


901D LOGO901D is a strategic subsystems engineering and integration partner for defense, aerospace, security and industrial systems integrators. Whether you’re designing for shipboard computing systems, command and control systems, vehicle communications systems or unmanned surveillance, you can rely on 901D to provide the proven analysis, design and integration of COTS, RCOTS and MIL-SPEC subsystems.

Certified to ISO 9001 and AS9100 quality standards, 901D leverages years of expertise in mechanical, electrical and thermal design with value added analysis, programmatic support and subsystem integration to ensure the high reliability of your systems in the most demanding conditions and minimize cost.


dse_logoDigital Systems Engineering, Inc. (DSE) is the industry leader in intelligent flat-panel display technology and rugged mobile computing for Defense  & Aerospace . DSE provides customized design and manufacturing services to military forces, prime contractors and commercial sectors worldwide.

Currently used and deployed within branches of the U.S. military, U.K. Ministry of Defense, international defense contractors, aerospace, maritime, homeland security sectors and commercial operations , DSE’s & MILCOTS’s Rugged Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Monitors and Ruggedized computers are engineered to operate under extreme environments such as extended temperature, extreme shock and vibration, explosive atmosphere, high altitude avionics, and marine and tactical environments.

Thanks to its many years of experience and technological advantages “MILCOTS” and “DSE” are the ideal partner for the realisation of complete and customised solutions for Military Display solutions . “MILCOTS” and “DSE” uses latest technology for its manufacturing process and high-end components for its Defence products, in order to fulfil the high requirements of our customers towards their Rugged Military Displays Solutions. This philosophy guarantees best picture quality and reliable performance of our products. Continuous investments in research and development guarantees a head start of “MILCOTS” and “DSE” Military Displays solutions in the field of Defense Visualisation Solutions.


Unsurpassed Ruggedized Power Supplies, Protection & Battery Backup for Mission Critical Electronic Systems

NOVA Power Solutions has been providing shipboard and tactical rack-mount and bulk-head mount UPS’s and battery backup to the U.S. DoD , including Navy , Coast Guard , AirForce , USMC and Army for use in mission-critical C4I, Combat, and Force Protection systems since 1988. Our solutions protect critical electronic systems world wide where power failure is not an option.
Our rugged,MIL-SPEC UPS and power product s are specifically designed to with stand the rigors of CONUS and OCONUS operations but also makes it an ideal solution in land-based Mobile Radar Applications, Perimeter Surveillance, Giant Voice/ Indoor Voice Capabilities, Military Vehicles, Mobile Command Centers, or any mission critical equipment. A NOVA Power UPS is not just a UPS supplying battery back up power in the event of a power loss , but also acts as a line-conditioner with power-factor correction near 100%.  NOVA Power delivers solutions that enable preventative measures, help mitigate hostile actions, and provide clean power and battery back up capabilities to critical infrastructures . Since the company originated ,over 40,000 units have been deployed in the world’s harshest environments.

Germane Systems

germane-systems-logoGermane, launched nearly 20 years ago, has been designing and building rugged servers, computers and storage systems for the harshest military and industry environments, around the world.

Germane’s Engineering Technology Center (ETC) is a state-of-the-art facility produces IT solutions built with the highest standards of quality and performance, and designed to survive rigorous deployments in all sorts of harsh environments.

A decade ago, Germane invested in a new technology known as a Fused Deposition Machine, allowing it to go directly from design to plastic prototypes. Today it’s commonly known as 3D printers, and used in our Engineering Technology Center as well Manufacturing.

Germane’s investment in engineering research has resulted in numerous patented technology breakthroughs, including Remote Battery Access©, AeroLoc© Baffle for Advanced Thermal Management©, Slim Sled (patent pending), GEMSS© (Germane Enhanced Module Support System), and Fan Control Module.©

SDK Embedded Systems Ltd, Israel


SDK Embedded Systems Ltd. designs and manufactures military-grade Panther series SSD drives and  Military / Industrial-Grade Displays and Servers, along with custom designed items for Military applications.

Its Panther series of SSDs  are Rugged Military grade, with extended temperatures of -40 ~ +85°C, and are designed to meet MIL-STD-810G  shock and vibration suitable for operating under harsh Mil environments. In addition SDK puts each SSD under a battery of 96-hour heavy duty stress burning and temperature tests.